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General infomation about Tilapia


General information about Tilapia (Oreochoromis niloticus)

Nile Tilapia, known simply as Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), is a species of fish belonging to Cichlidae family, originating from Africa. It is a species of high economic value and was feed in many different areas, including Vietnam

In the world: Tilapia is a popular fish species reared in the world. Production of tilapia farming continues to grow and play an increasingly important role in improving the supply of nutrients for humans. Tilapia farming has also been said to be a good livelihood for farmers to escape poverty. In the future, tilapia will be the products substituting for white fish species which are becoming exhausted and is the seafood item predicting to change picture of the world's fisheries in the 21st century, dubbed as the "seafood chicken" of the world "(FAO).

In Vietnam: there are many land areas, estuaries, rivers, large lakes appropriate to develop this species, especially feeding in the centralized and intensive farming to supply for export.

In  Thanh Hoa: Thanh Hoa is located in Central North Vietnam, which is 150 km far from Ha Noi and 1,560 km far from Ho Chi Minh. Eastern part is Gulf of Tonkin

Delta land area is 162 341 ha of natural ground, enriched by rivers system such as Ma River, Bang River, Yen River, Hoat River. Ma Delta Area is third largest after Red River Delta, Meking River Delta.

Mountainous and midland region has an area of ​​839 037 ha of natural land, there are many large freshwater reservoirs for irrigation and hydropower in Thach Thanh, Cam Thuy, Thuong Xuan, Vinh Loc, Nong Cong, Nhu Xuan, Nhu Thanh ... which are convenient to raise Tilapia.

The coastal region has an area of ​​110.655 ha, with a coastline of 102 km, runs along the  estuaries such as  Hai Tien (Hoang Hoa) and Hai Hoa (Tinh Gia) ...; There are vast areas of land, favorable for aquaculture, Nghi Son deep-water harbour and river system convenient for movement of goods to the area, region and internation.

In HASUVIMEX: HASUVIMEX located in Le Mon industrial zone, about 4 km far from Thanh Hoa City Center to the North and about 30 – 60 km far from districts. Taking advantage of terrain, land and available water resources, we have conducted investment in industrial aquaculture and clean seafood processing system for export.

HASUVIMEX realize that tilapia is easy to raise, can live in fresh, brackish and salt water environment. It is high-value product and popular in the world in recent year, therefore, we decided to invest in Tilapia aquaculture industry to export. At the moment, we owns 5,000 hectares of clean tilapia farm for export. In addition, we also have abundant resources of tilapia from neighboring provinces like Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh.

To get good quality of tilapia, HASUVIMEX have formed clean aquaculture tilapia team including engineers, technicians and professionals who specialize in high quality fingerlings in order to raise for export.

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